Hamilton County, Ohio



Harrison Townships Cleanup is set for September!
Check back for further information.

Make our Township Green
A recycle bin is located at the Township Civic Center.
Bring your paper & cardboard items, plastic bottles& jugs,
glass, steel, tin and aluminum cans

Harrison Township Civic Center
9940 New Haven Road, Harrison, OH 45030

For facility rental information call
(513) 202-0238

Leave a message and we will return your call.

Harrison Township founded in 1853 still retains much of its rural charm and beauty as it did when it began.The township is family oriented, comfortable with an independent small town environment. HarrisonTownship residents are proud of their clean river and streams, clean air and abundant open and greenspaces.

Although, Harrison Township is situated in acountry setting, its strategic location within themetropolitan area makes it an ideal place to liveand businesses to thrive and grow.

Harrison Township is the northwestern gatewayto the Cincinnati Metropolitan area as well asthe urban center of a still rural four county area.Located on I-74 with close access to I-275 andthe Ronald Reagan (Cross County) Highway,there is easy access to the GreaterCincinnati/Northern Kentucky airport and otherparts of the county and States of Ohio, Indianaand Kentucky.

Harrison Township presents a special case of being an unincorporated area within an urban center, theCity of Harrison. Harrison Township has a tight bond with the City of Harrison; the Harrison CommunityCenter is funded by both entities, along with senior services. Harrison Township retains its fire andemergency medical transport from the City of Harrisons outstanding Fire Department.

Harrison Township abuts the State of Indiana to the west, Crosby Township to the east, WhitewaterTownship to the south and Butler County to the north


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